How to download directly onto my iPad.

If you are buying a product for an iPad program, such as Procreate or Affinity, and do not have access to a computer, you will need to download the product directly onto your iPad. Follow the steps below to download and open the files on your iPad.

Download an app that will unzip files. We will be using D ocuments by Readdle, which you can download in the App Store.
Click the download button on the purchase page. You will be redirected to our product server, SendOwl. Click Download.

Choose Open in "Documents".
If that option is not available, click More and choose Documents or the archive tool you chose to download in step one.

Click the zipped file in Documents (or the app you downloaded from the App Store in step order to unzip it.

Your product files are now ready to use. You will find instructions on how to install and use your brushes in the folder titled "Instructions."

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