How to import an Affinity swatch palette.

Swatch palettes are a helpful way to utilize color neatly. Or, in the case of ColorLab is required to be used successfully. Follow our instructions below to get started importing swatch palettes in Affinity.

How to Import an Affinity Swatch Palette

Open Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo and open the Swatches Panel.If you cannot find it, you can pull it up by going to View> Studio> Swatches.

Click the menu icon in the top right hand corner of the Swatches Panel and toggle to Import Palette.
You can choose the type of palette based on your work flow. Our palettes can be imported as any of the options:

    • Document– these palettes are saved within the current document.

    • Application– these palettes are saved within Affinity Designer and are available to any Affinity Designer document.

    • System– these palettes are saved to your operating system and are available within Affinity Designer, as well as other applications installed on your system.


Locate the  .afpalette file in the palette folder inside the product folder. Click Open. Your swatch palette is now loaded into the Swatches Panel.

The imported swatch palette is now accessible in the brush type drop down menu in the Swatches Panel.

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