How to change the size of halftones in a Photoshop brush.

Some of our Photoshop brushes allow you to paint on patterns, like halftones or lines.

To make the pattern smaller or bigger to match your needs, you will need to adjust the pattern size in the brush settings.

Open the Brush Panel and click on the brush you want to adjust.
Toggle to the  Brush Settings Panel by either A) clicking the Brush Settings Tab in the Brush Panel or B) clicking the Brush Settings panel icon at the top of the panel.

Click Texture in the settings menu on the left of the panel.

Type in a percentage value in the  Scale value.

Click the options menu in the top right and choose New Brush Preset.

Name your brush accordingly. It might be helpful to name it with the percentage to help you distinguish it from the other sizes.

Repeat steps 1-6 for every brush in the collection that you are using. All halftone or line sizes have to be the same to achieve the intended result .

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