How to download and import paper templates into Procreate.

The first step is to make sure your iPad is up-to-date iPad OS 14.5.1. or later. We are using Safari download our files.
Tap the download button on the checkout page, via your email receipt, or in your customer account. You will be redirected to a File Download page.
Tap download.
Depending on your purchase a .zip file will either download automatically or you will be taken to another page to complete the download.
In both cases you will be prompted to confirm your download via a pop up window. Tap download once more.

Your download will appear in the top right of your screen.

Tap on the file once it has finished downloading to be taken to your Files app.

Once in the Files app, tap the zipped file to unzip it. This will create a new file within your Downloads folder.
We recommend that you delete the zipped file once you have successfully unzipped it. To do so, just hold your finger on the .zip file until a menu appears. Tap delete.
You are now ready to use your paper textures!
With Procreate open, tap the importbutton on the top righthand side of your Gallery menu.
This will open your Files app.
Navigate to the location of your files.
Select the paper texture .procreate file that you would like.
The paper texture .procreate file will load and open automatically and is ready to use.
Please refer to the instructions accompanying your purchase for further information on how to use the paper textures with your art.