Swatch Color Troubleshooting

If you have followed our How to Change the Color of Pattern Swatches article and found that you could not change the color as expected, read below for an easy solution.
Double click on the swatch you want to change to enter the Pattern Options window.

Using the direct selection tool select all the elements in your pattern.

Double click the color swatch box for your fill and enter the color you want for your new swatch.

If you find that the color is a shade of grey instead of what you have chosen, navigate to the Color window and click the menu options icon on the right-hand side (it will look like three lines stacked vertically.)
Select one of the four-color options (in this case, I've chosen CMYK), and your desired color will now be reflected in your pattern.

Save your pattern as a copy and rename it to save it to your pattern swatches in the swatches window.

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