Will your Photoshop products work in Adobe Fresco?

Currently, Adobe Fresco and Photoshop for iPad do not have the full functionality of Photoshop for desktop. Therefore, not all of our products will translate to the iPad.

Below we will outline which products are currently compatible for use in Adobe Fresco and/or Photoshop for iPad.


All RetroSupply Co. Photoshop brushes are compatible with Fresco and Photoshop for iPad. There are some functions which are only available for the desktop version of Photoshop that you will want to be aware of. Currently, Fresco and Photoshop for iPad do not allow users to change the pattern texture size of a brush. This means that brushes using halftones such as ColorLab or DupliTone cannot be changed.


As mentioned above, there is currently no support for pattern swatches on either Adobe Fresco or Photoshop for iPad. This means that products which use pattern swatches, such as Phantom Paper, cannot be altered. You will still be able to use the products, but you will be restricted to the default size.


PNG and TIFF based textures are able to be used in both Adobe Fresco and Photoshop for iPad. Textures which utilize actions will not work.

Smart PSDs

Adobe Fresco and Photoshop for iPad both do not allow the use of Smart PSDs. This means products such as our Matchbook Print Machine will only work on desktop.

Have a question about which product will work for you? Send us an email at support@retrosupply.co for personalized help in selecting the right tools.