Will Your Products Work on the iPad?

Adding unique textures and patterns through brushes and swatches can liven up your vector artwork. If you have recently downloaded Illustrator for iPad, you may be wondering whether your tools will work like on a desktop.

As of Version 3.0.4 of Adobe Illustrator for iPad:

Adobe has not yet made it possible for users to install brushes or pattern swatches to be used on Illustrator for iPad. This means that you will not be able to install brushes directly through the iPad app.

We are paying close attention to the proposed updates for Illustrator on the iPad and will make an announcement when this feature becomes available.

If you also have the desktop application of Illustrator

Users who also have the desktop version of Illustrator can port their brushes to iPad by following the below instructions:

Create a document of any size inside Illustrator for desktop.
Install your chosen RetroSupply Co. Illustrator brushes and create a swatch of each brush.
Save the document as an AIC Creative Cloud document.
Open the file on your iPad. You will find the brushes within the "Documents" folder and can use the brushes just as you would on the desktop.

If you only have the iPad version of Illustrator

The products which are currently compatible with Illustrator for iPad are the following: