How to install brushes in Clip Studio Paint on a desktop.

Getting new art supplies is a fun way to express yourself creatively. Here's how to quickly and easily install your new brushes to Clip Studio Paint for desktop.

In Clip Studio Paint, go to the Sub Tool [Brush] Panel. If you do not see it, you can open it by going to Window>  Sub Tool [Brush].
We need to make a throwaway brush to make a new Sub Tool Group. Right click any brush and choose Create custom sub tool.

Click Ok in the pop-up window.

Immediately exit out of the Sub Tool Detail window. 

Drag the new brush up to the top of the Sub Tool [Brush] panel to create a new group.

Open the folder that contains the RetroSupply brushes on your desktop. Select all of the brushes and drag and drop them into the section that says "Add sub tool."

Right click the throwaway brush and choose Delete sub tool.

Right click on the Sub Tool [Brush] group name and click Sub tool group settings...

Rename the brush group. Click Ok.