How to install brushes in Clip Studio Paint on an iPad.

Installing brushes to Clip Studio Paint is fast and easy once you know what to do. Follow along with the below instructions and see how quickly you can get creating on Clip Studio Paint for iPad.

Download your brushes RetroSupply brushes in Safari.

Once they are done downloading, tap the Downloads icon in the top right corner of the Safari window. Then tap the  finder icon next to the file name.

This will reveal the location of the download in your Files app– in the Downloads folder. Click the .zip file to unzip it.

In Clip Studio Paint, go to the Sub Tool [Brush] Panel. If you do not see it, you can open it by going to Window>  Sub Tool [Brush].
We need to make a throwaway brush to make a new Sub Tool Group. Tap and hold any brush and tap  Duplicate sub tool.

Click Ok.

Drag the new brush up to the top of the Sub Tool [Brush] panel to create a new group.

Slow swipe up to bring up your iPad menu.  Drag the Files app to the right to enter split screen.  

Select all of the brushes and drag and drop them into the section that says "Add sub tool." Be patient, as they can take a minute to load.


Tap and hold the throwaway brush and choose Delete sub tool.

Tap and hold on the Sub Tool [Brush] group name and click Sub tool group settings...

Rename the brush group. Click Ok.