How to install color sets in Clip Studio Paint on desktop.

Color sets let you keep a specific collection of colors in an easy to access panel so you can save time while working. Here's how to install colors sets in Clip Studiop Paint on your desktop.

Download your RetroSupply color set in Safari.

Once they are done downloading, tap the Downloads icon in the top right corner of the Safari window. Then tap the  finder icon next to the file name.
This will reveal the location of the download in your Files app– in the Downloads folder. Click the .zip file to unzip it.

In Clip Studio Paint, go to the Color Set Panel. If you do not see it, you can open it by going to Window>  Color Set.

Click "Import Color Set..." in the menu options of the Color Set panel to import a new color set.

Select the color set you downloaded earlier from Finder.

Your color set is now ready to use.