I am experiencing slow performance with some of my Illustrator brushes. Why?

RetroSupply Illustrator brushes are created to perform efficiently, while also maintaining as much detail as possible. However, adding texture and shading in Illustrator can use a lot of memory and can result in slowing down your computer.

We suggest the following best practices:

  • Work with one art board at a time and avoid duplicating your work over and over in a single Illustrator file. It is best practice to apply brush strokes to one illustration on one art board per Illustrator file. In other words, if you have four illustrations you are working on, it is best to create one file per illustration, instead of creating all four illustrations in one file.
  • Be economical with your strokes. Only use a handful at a time until you know how much your computer can handle.
  • Apply your brush strokes in different layers, if possible. This way, you can switch off the layers you aren’t working on to reduce processing and save time.
  • Do not expand your strokes. This will bloat your file size and make the file lag, therefore making it more difficult to work with.
  • To prevent Illustrator from burning out, strip down your shapes and strokes to only the necessary points. Use the pen brush instead of the brush tool so that you have more control over points. Or, use the blob brush + option over an existing brush stroke to reduce the amount of points.
  • Close all unnessesary programs while working in Illustrator. Internet browsers take up more CPU than Illustrator.

You can read more about how to improve Illustrator performance here.

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