How do I change the pattern size of Procreate brushes?

Our halftone and pattern brushes come in a set scale. Depending on your canvas size, you will find that you need to resize or change the scale. Read below for instructions on how to change the scale of your halftone and pattern brushes in Procreate.

To resize the halftone or pattern to match your needs, you will need to adjust the Scale of the halftone or pattern in the Brush Studio.

Open the Brush Library by tapping the Brush Icon.

Tap on the brush you want to adjust.

Tap  Grain in the Brush Studio menu.

Find the  Scale option under the Grain behavior menu. Write in your desired percentage. 
It is important to remember NOT to use the slider to make adjustments.

You may also tap and type your percentage. Again, DO NOT use the slider to make adjustments to your Scale.

Tap Done.

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