Why are my Affinity Designer vector texture brushes pixelated when I zoom in?

Affinity supports two types of brushes: raster and vector.

Raster brushes are for use in the Pixel Persona of Affinity Designer. They can also be used in Affinity Photo.

Vector brushes are for use in the Drawing Persona of Affinity Designer. You will find that some of Affinity Designer's vector brushes are scalable, while others are not. So, are Affinity Designer vector brushes really vector? Textured Affinity Designer vector brushes are not fully scalable and are not 100% vector, as they are in Adobe Illustrator.

Currently, textured and image brushes in the Drawing Persona of Affinity Designer rely on raster images applied to a path.

Until Affinity updates their program to fully support vector based brushes, our brushes will be restricted to these limitation.