How to apply pattern swatches in Illustrator.

There are several ways you can apply pattern swatches to your work in Adobe Illustrator.  How you apply the swatches will depend on your workflow and the specific situation of your process. Here are some of our favorite ways to use pattern swatches in Adobe Illustrator.


You can paint patterns onto your artboard with the Blob Brush. 

First, select the pattern swatch you want to use from the Swatch Panel. Then, choose the Blob Brush from your Tool Panel. Use your mouse (or tablet) to paint the pattern onto your art board.


You can use the Pen Tool to make new shapes automatically filled by the pattern.

Select the pattern swatch you want to use from the Swatch Panel. Select the Pen Tool and start drawing. Once you enclose your new shape, the shape will automatically fill with the pattern.


Applying pattern swatches to your shapes is easy if you already have your shapes mapped out on your artboard.

Select a shape on your artboard and choose the pattern swatch you'd like to use. Your shape will fill instantly with the selected pattern.

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