How to import textures into Procreate.

With your illustration open in Procreate, tap the Actions Menu. It's the wrench icon in the top left hand corner of your screen.
Then, choose Insert a file from the drop down menu.
Navigate to the location of your files. If you chose to follow our instructions on installing Procreate brushes directly to your iPad, your files will be in your Downloads folder. Otherwise, they will be on your iPad, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, or whichever location you chose.
Tap on the paper texture you'd like to use. For this demonstration, we will be using RSCO-Artifact31 from our Paper Artifacts | Texture & Ephemera Bundle.

Scale the texture to your desired size, or until it covers your canvas. You can do so by dragging the individual corners with one finger at a time, or you can use two fingers to drag opposite corners at the same time. Tap the Transform icon when you're done. It's the cursor icon highlighted in blue in the top left hand corner of your screen.

Open the Layers Panel and find your new paper texture layer. It will be called Inserted Image.
So that you can more easily keep track of your layers, rename the layer by taping on it and choosing Rename. We are going to rename it Paper Texture.

Click the N to bring up the Blending Options menu. Choose the mode that works best for your illustration. Some of our favorite blending modes for paper textures include Multiply, Darken, Linear Burn, and Darker Color.
You can also make your texture more subtle by adjusting the Opacity slider until you achieve your desired effect.

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